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About Us

J&T Construction Company Ltd (J&T) was founded by Mr Lo Kai Jone in 1993. Mr Lo commenced his building and construction career back in the mid-80s at the time the market pace was slow. It was in 1993 he decided to establish his own company to provide construction services to the local market which was gearing up for the reunification of Macau with China.

Some of our major projects completed between 1995-1999 including interior contracting work for the Macau Tower, cargo handling and catering facilities at the Macau Airport, a fire station in Cotai, government’s offices and police quarters etc.

At the turn of the century, to cope with Macau SAR Government’s policy to develop Macau into an international tourist destination, property development had grown rapidly with new large-scale hotels, resorts, convention and exhibition facilities sprang up in the territory unprecedented in history.

In order to support the expanding tourism industry, the government had to provide more public facilities, transportation and infrastructure to cope with the influx of tourists. In the past decade and up to the present, J&T is still predominantly concentrated on public works and institutional projects.

J&T Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy

In the spirit of "Loyalty, Practicality, Credibility, Timeliness, Cost-effectiveness, and Pursuing Internal and External Harmony”, J&T focuses on “Fulfillment of Customers and Regulations Requirements, Quality Construction, Occupational Health and Safety Risk Prevention, and Efficient Use of Resources to Protect the Environment". J&T establishes a proactive management system that integrates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, so as to strengthen company’s management and step up to a “New Level”.

We are committed to:
1) Fulfill agreed customer requirements in accordance with the highest professional standards;
2) Provide our services in an environmentally responsible manner through energy conservation, pollution prevention and reduction of natural resources consumption;
3) Manage Occupational Health and Safety risks to ensure that our employees, contractors and other relevant people work safely and healthily;
4) Comply with all applicable laws and other requirements and, where feasible, meet standards that exceed legal requirements;
5) Manage identified risks and opportunities, including environmental, health and safety risks, and determine relevant environmental aspects and impacts from a life cycle perspective;
6) Provide sufficient resources and training for all employees to continually improve our quality, environmental, health and safety performance and effectiveness;
7) Achieve continual improvement of our quality, environment, health and safety by regularly reviewing the effectiveness of our integrated management system, objectives and performances.

We pursue passionate participation, support and commitment of every employee to realize the above mission and goals.

The Integrated Management policy is communicated to all employees at all levels of the company through training, regular internal communications and employee performance evaluation. Employees' understanding of company policy and objectives is addressed in internal audits and through other methods as appropriate.