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Macao Outlying Island Hospital invites tender

The Macao Outlying Island Hospital development comprises seven buildings and occupies a site area of 77,000 square meters in Cotai, Macao. The Macao SAR Government is inviting tenders for the construction of the hospital complex including the main hospital building, the auxiliary facilities building and the administration building.
     Tenders also include the construction of related roads, infrastructure works and electricity supply. The new hospital complex will be equipped with state-of-the-art automated system for handling garbage and medical waste, as well as a wide range of ‘green features’.
     The recent invitation for tender covers three buildings with a site area of 23,000 sq m, which will provide a total GFA of approximately 276,500 sq m. The actual construction period is expected to take 1,150 work days.


Macao Outlying Island Hospital

Macao Central Library design unveiled

The Macao SAR Government recently announced that the tender for the architectural design of the new Macao Central Library has been awarded to MAA (Marreiros Arquitectos Associados), a Macao-based architectural firm. The new Macao Central Library will be developed on the site of the former Law Court building and police compound. The old Law Court building will be retained and after massive renovation work, it will become part of the new Macao Central Library.
     MAA is working on the detail design of the project and it is expected that the main contract for construction will be ready for public tender in 2020. According to plan, the portion of the old Law Count will be open in 2021 and the new building will be completed in 2022.


New Macao Central Library

M+ and Design Trust announce Thomas Daniell as the recipient of 2017 Research Fellowship

M+ and Design Trust announce that Thomas Daniell, a noted New Zealand-born, Macau-based scholar, writer, and architect, will be the 2017 M+ / DesignTrust Research Fellow.
     Initiated in 2015, the annual M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship is hosted by M+, the museum for visual culture in Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District; and funded by Design Trust, an initiative of the non-profit Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design. Now in its third year, the Fellowship aims to support
high-level research related to design and architecture history and contemporary issues, focusing on Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region, and their relationship with the rest of the world.
     During his fellowship from March to September 2017, Daniell will research the topic of “Unbuilt Macau” by examining unrealized proposals for reclaimed land in Macau in the period immediately prior to the former colony’s 1999 handover to China. Six main projects will be explored: ZAPE (Zona de Aterros do Porto Exterior); NAPE (Novos Aterros do Porto Exterior); Nam Van Lake; Cotai; Novas Zonas Urbanas; and Hengqin New Area. These unbuilt visionary proposals by multiple architects, often arising through international competitions, can contribute to an alternative history for Macau, providing an instructive comparison with the built reality today, and suggesting possible future directions.
      M+ / Design Trust Research Fellows are selected by a jury consisting of M+ and Design Trust representatives, based on the strength of their topic proposals and the applicants’ potential to significantly contribute to bodies of knowledge relating to design and architecture in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region. Recipients spend up to six months attached to M+, at the end of which they produce a paper that will be delivered at a public talk. The previous Fellows are Fan Ling (2015); Joseph Grima (2016); and Juliana Kei and Daniel Cooper (2016).


Thomas Daniell

Macau Reclamation Area A to provide 32,000 residential units

Site formation work of Macau Reclamation Area A project is in full swing, according to schedule, reclamation work will be completed within 2016 and followed by infrastructural work targeted to complete in 2019. It is expected that the first batch of housing projects could be available, the soonest, in 2020.
     Reclamation Area A is the largest plot among the five planned reclamation sites. The new land will provide much needed space for the growth of the city in the coming decades. Area A has an area of 137 acres and according to the Macau SAR Government's latest proposal, a total of 32,000 residential units could be provided. It is also proposed that 4,000 of them will be private residential units and the remaining 28,000 will be public housing units. The government plans to make a decision after final study of the second round of public consultation.
     Dr Jose Chui Sai Peng, President of CAA City Planning & Engineering Consultants Ltd said it is important to lay down the planning principles in the first place. "There are four main points we could consider before forging ahead with the actual planning and design of the new area, including: Prioritizing of public transportation, a peaceful living environment, maximizing accommodation space without increasing density and, innovative and multi-faceted road connections and planning," said Dr Chui.
     It is also suggested that the government may look into the potential of utilizing underground space in a large scale to accommodate commercial and public facilities, which is already proven a success in some Asian cities.